Scarecrow Video

Capstone Project — Website for Desktop and Mobile Platforms

  • Scarecrow has a 30 year history and transitioned to a nonprofit five years ago to insure its survival and to continue the founding vision of uniting people through film and there is low awareness of the transition to a nonprofit.

    The final project for the UI Certificate Program Capstone Project class at the School of Visual Concepts Seattle. The task was to redesign the Scarecrow website to encourage support through patronage, donations, memberships, event attendance and build awareness about its mission.

    The website was outdated, disorganized and reinforces the notion that scarecrow was still operating as a for profit video/DVD video store and did not adequately convey that they are nonprofit institution.

  • Title: Scarecrow Video Website for Desktop and Mobile Platforms
  • Designer John Owens
  • Date: Summer 2019
  • Software: Sketch, InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, OmniGraffle